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Contact us today - Smart Sensors in the home alert our 24/7 Care Specialists should something out of the ordinary happen such as a fall or emergency. 

HaloCare's intelligent devices can detect a fall, even if the person is unable to call out for help. Our highly trained Care Specialists then verify with the older person if they need help and alert their Circle of Care immediately.


Watch the video below to see how HaloCare works:


HaloCare - How it Works


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Advantages of the HaloCare System

HaloCare fosters independence and empowers people to live a better quality of life, with the care they need when and where they need it.

Key advantages of the HaloCare solution: 

    • Allows our customers to live a normal life in their own homes
    • our customers are not reliant on Wearable Panic Alarms
    • Peace of Mind & Respite for Carers
    • No Cameras means Privacy & Dignity for our customers.
About HaloCare

Frequently Asked Questions

Should something out-of-the-ordinary occur like a fall or even a door left open, real-time information is sent to our Care Hub where trained specialists can react, respond and reassure. 

Will there be cameras?

HaloCare works through sensors & advanced technologies learning the scene in the home without the use of any cameras to maintain privacy and dignity. 

Do I need WiFi?

Internal sim cards and batteries in our devices mean that lack of broadband or power failures are not an isssue. It also means ease of installation by our trained technicians and no damage to your home. 

How much is HaloCare?

HaloCare is a personalised and bespoke service ranging from €8 to €20 per day, with each solution designed around the person, their home and their needs.

A little extra support when you need it...

With HaloCare's supportive technology installed, you or your loved one can go about their everyday life and our Care Specialists are on alert 24/7 should something out of the ordinary happen such as a fall or medical emergency. 

HaloCare us clinically designed and delivered on a 24/7 basis.